My vegan/plant based journey

So growing up I was always the chubby one. Getting teased about my weight finally drove me to look at dieting (at my moms suggestion). My mom had struggled with weight also and was one of the original Weight Watcher members. I followed her suggestions the summer of eighth grade. With High School looming I had to get it together. So that summer I lost probably 20 pounds and the battle with the bulge began. Those of you that struggle know this battle well. It was a constant curse trying to stay slim, never thin enough, which led to some not so healthy ways to stay thin. I battled anorexia, bulimia, protein diets and every new fad that came along.

Most of the dysfunctional dieting went by the wayside as I got older fortunately. When pregnant with my first child I ended up with a condition known as Gestational diabetes. I had to follow a diabetes diet to keep my sugar in check while pregnant, a condition that went away after her birth. However this was a precursor that I was a candidate for diabetes later in life. My maternal grandmother died of complications of diabetes in her early 70’s. I followed a healthy diet of the old weight watchers with an eye on sugar. My weight went up and down over the next several years until my daughter, now a senior in high school discovered this vegan thing and decided she wanted to give it a try. Looking at the research she shared with me, we decided to do it together. We went all in. Read books, watched movies, asked a ton of questions at the Mustard Seed Grocery and forged our way. All told I lost about 25 pounds and fell in love with the lifestyle. Instead of an elimination/deprivation mindset it flipped a switch in my brain of an acquisition mindset. I looked at everything I could have instead of what I couldn’t. So many new and delicious foods that fuel the body in healthy ways were now mine to discover. I began pouring over vegan/plantbased websites, cookbooks and blogger sites. What a wonderful community I discovered! Launching this website has been in the back of my mind but the final push came from a blogger that encouraged me to put this together and I will be forever grateful for her support and encouragement. So thank you Aimee Stock from The Veg Life!

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